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Factories, warehouses, logistic center.


Environment with high roof. Machines and operator are present into the area.


  • Wellness and better efficiency for workers
  • Better working condition for machinery
  • Energy saving : during summer low cost ventilation, during winter cost reduction for heating and more confortable environment

We have several witnesses claiming great improvement in working environment for people and better working condition for machinery after Evel HVLS fan installation in their facilities.

Ensure the best condition for working environment is mandatory for people wellness; infact temperature changes could create desease in people and affect their working performances.

In case of warehouses, there are some air quality standards, temperature and humidity to be respected in order to maintain the right standards for stocked material.

Mainly, when we are working with food, beverage and chemical substances, we must avoid moisture and odours.

One of main problem in setting a warehouse is the correct ventilation : every single space need right ventilation system, considering the right working places organization and the lighting.

Installing Evel HVLS fan in industrial environment means reduce air stratification problem by warranting right ventilation and reducing energy cost.

During winter time we can recover up to 6 degrees, during summer time we can have a good ventilation without having air condition equipment.

Clean and good quality air mainly, and then warm environment during winter season and fresh working place during summer time are the goal using Evel’s fan.

Our fan, mainting a stable and ventilated environment allow our customer to avoid dangerous situation with high temperature drop, creating huge problems to electronic machines.